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Mississauga Kendo Club is where Yamada-sensei primarily teaches. 40-year long history with kendo and Kimura-sensei, he has reached 5th dan and now is sharing his knowledge in our club.

Kendo is a martial art that stretches every part of your body. It is customary that everyone who wants to try this sport has a background of what they are applying to. Arms, feet, and core muscles are the vital parts that the club would be training you to use.


Will my body hurt?

If you want to try kendo but hates the body pain that comes with it, we suggest that you train your body by simply doing basic exercises. You can try any stamina boosting exercises like running, cycling and core workout. The core muscle is a vital part when doing kendo. It gives us balance and adequate power when holding the shinai. To avoid tripping, your muscle connections must be powerful in all parts.

Can I compete in a competition?

Anyone can compete in local and international tournaments around the world. However, competing is not that simple, one should be able to execute the proper application of the basics. At the same time, you must be able to raise your ranks to a kyu/dan level so that you can fight other professional athletes.

Why don’t kendoka wear belts?

Kendoka doesn’t wear belts because everyone that practices kendo deserves equal respect. May you be a kyu or a dan, you too shall be given respect as part of the kendo community. Time would come when you shall be the one teaching the younger ones and we hope you pass it on.

Will I start wearing armour after I enrol?

No, it is customary to train yourself before wearing an armour. You can’t fight without properly executing the basics. It takes at least a month if you are diligent enough with your training.

Why do the basics take too long?

The basics are your back and bone during your stay here in our club. Without the basic preparations, your body would fall apart faster than your mind. We don’t want our students hurting themselves during classes.

Am I allowed to stop anytime I want?

Here in our club, everyone trains themselves on their own accord. They are all motivated students that wish to learn about martial arts. May it be at home or at the club, they exhibit the personality of a true samurai. 

Some of our former students quit due to work schedules, we still accept them as long as they decide to train with us. So if you stop at some point, you can always rest and come back whenever you want.